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R-Control SIP / Big Sky Insulations, Inc.

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Featured Projects

Affordable SIP ApartmentsAffordable SIP Apartments
Grand Junction, CO

Affordable SIP Mountain Zero Energy CommunityAffordable SIP Mountain Zero Energy Community
Basalt, CO
SIP panels saved on labor and construction costs. It also i Using SIP panels increased the R-value of our building envelope increasing our R value from R-21 to R-24. Our blower door test results also improved. We found... read more

Cheney Creek SIP Micro HomesCheney Creek SIP Micro Homes
Steamboat Springs, CO

High Performance Curved SIP HouseHigh Performance Curved SIP House
Ennis, MT
10" and 12" SIP walls and 12" SIP roof HERS Index 22 Curved SIPs 0.17 ACH50 Off the grid: 4kW solar system and three 1kW wind turbines ICF basement Radiant heating with wood-fired boilerread more

High Performance SIP ApartmentsHigh Performance SIP Apartments
Longmont, CO
SIPs were chosen because the long term value. Now tenants pay $30/month to heat or cool the apartment regardless of season. The project was framed in 3 weeks. This greatly reduced the cost of labor for part of the project.... read more

High Performance SIP CabinHigh Performance SIP Cabin
Virgin, UT
The client wanted a very energy-efficient home. Having used SIPs several times, I knew they were the perfect choice. With labor, construction costs, and time, all combined with solar power this home is very energy-efficient.read more

High Performance SIP HouseHigh Performance SIP House
Littleton, CO
Using SIPs on the project contributed to the highly insulated and tightly sealed envelope.read more

Net Positive SIP HouseNet Positive SIP House
Ogden, UT
SIP save labor and time. We were able to set the walls in 6 hours and be ready for trusses the next day. The energy savings from nearly eliminating all thermal bridges and superior air sealing saved us a ton... read more

Palo Alto, CA
Exterior Wall: 2x6 SIP w/ 1.5" exterior EPS Floor: Basement slab over 2" EPS Roof: 10" SIP Window Frame: America Italiana, Wood Window Glazing: America Italiana, Triple pane Entrance Door: Sfera Group, triple pane, wood Ventilation: Zehnder Heating System: Daikin Altherma coupled with Messana ray magic radiant... read more

SIP Airplane HangarSIP Airplane Hangar
Belgrade, MT
exceptional building energy performanceread more

SIP Fire StationSIP Fire Station
Belgrade, MT
Speed of construction for faster occupation/facility use, and reduced operational costs.read more

SIP House and In-Law SuiteSIP House and In-Law Suite
Breckenridge, CO
Using SIPs for this project for the thermal efficiency and speed of construction. SIP construction rolled the framing, insulation and sheathing into a one-step installation phase, so the owner was pleased with how the system went up and was very... read more

SIP HouseSIP House
Ennis, MT
Features: 8-inch SIP walls 12-inch SIP roof with 4-inch thick retrofit insulated panels installed on top for additional insulation Insulated concrete form (ICF) basementread more

SIP Native American CenterSIP Native American Center
Missoula, MT
The University of Montana's LEED Certified Native American Center utilizes SIP walls and a dramatically curved SIP roof for energy savings and whole-building sustainability.read more

SIP PyramidSIP Pyramid
Ennis, MT
Time to erect the building was reduced significantly.read more

Sloped Roof SIP HouseSloped Roof SIP House
Boise, ID
1. SIPs ensure higher standards of product despite labor shortage of experienced framers. 2. Lower assembly time of the roof system. 3. Ensure high energy standards are met due to the air tightness of the product. 4. Construction costs are... read more

Zero Energy Painted Hills HouseZero Energy Painted Hills House
Mitchell, OR
HERS Index -15 House powers itself and the occupant’s vehicle 6-inch SIP Walls and 12-inch SIP roof Emerald Level National Green Building Standard Certification Ductless mini-split heat pump Solar hot water heater Generates energy through photovoltaic systemread more

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